Dorado Peak Capital is a single family office that pursues positive change through innovation and investment in Technology, Oil & Gas, Minerals, Water, Real Estate, Ranching, Farming, Healthcare, and Private Equity. Our proud heritage begins in Galway, Ireland and migrates to the United States. Upon settling in Texas, our family’s initial investments were focused in real estate – specifically farming and ranching. From these initial real estate holdings, the family expanded into the sale of oil, gas, mineral and water rights.

Success in climbing, just as in business,
requires an overpowering clarity of purpose, guided by a balance of risk and reward.
These are distinctly human endeavors that challenge us to hone our skills.

After several generations of success, the family investment focus has expanded and evolved into a broadly diversified portfolio including private equity and public securities while continuing to adhere to the same guiding principles of integrity honored by our founder. We continue to seek opportunities in real estate and direct investment in innovative, private companies focused within the primary states that the family resides in: Texas, California, Arizona, North Carolina, New York, and New Jersey. 

Success isn’t just about financial capital it also takes human & intellectual capital.


We honor a heritage of trusted integrity.

Human Capital

Maintaining the Family Structure
and Legacy

Achieving success in a risk/reward environment is a matter of disipline and committment.

Intellectual Capital

Leveraging a Family
Wealth Ecosystem

Financial Capital

Protecting and Growing the
Family Wealth