Dorado Peak Capital provides capital and business expertise for private companies and real estate ventures. We foster innovation and growth.

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The one competitive advantage that is universally applied to everything we do is to act,
learn and adapt faster than the competition. We call this velocity in the markets.
What’s in a Name?

Spanish for ‘the golden one.’ The mythology of Dorado is rooted in the Musica religion constituting the creative power of everything that exists. El Dorado has metaphorically been used to represent any place where wealth, happiness, or success could be acquired – the ultimate prize or “Holy Grail.”

Dorado is also representative of California fish. Dorado (or mahi-mahi) are found from Panama to California. Dorado are characterized as being strong and are noted for their rapid growth.

The characteristics above drive the innovative focus on how we do business and build relationships with clients, partners and associates.